How to Stop the Thumbs of Your Target Market – a Workshop Teaser Event

April 17, 2019 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm Barncluith Business Centre

This is the first “Member Showcase” event that the chamber are running, with a view to running one per month over ten months.

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Event Description…


Why You Need to Stop The Thumbs of Your Target Market

This session is ideal for digital marketers and any business looking to squeeze more leads out of their social network accounts.

With the average social network user seeing potentially thousands of posts per day, it’s more important than ever that businesses grab their attention. To do so requires “thumbstopping content”.

What is thumbstopping content?

In this talk, we’ll cover the concept, what thumbstopping content looks like and what we should expect our target market to do when their thumb stops on our social media posts. Whether we’re using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, grabbing and holding the attention of our target market is possible. But only if we get the content right. You’ll learn some practical tips and the analogy of the “social media wheel” will give you that “ah hah!” moment.


Mark Hunter bio:

Mark Hunter has been working in the digital media world since 2005. He started Scotland’s first music podcast before producing podcasts for clients. He segued into creating social and digital marketing strategies for clients such as Lanarkshire’s e-commerce giant Toolstop, Glasgow Airport, Bosch as well as supporting St Andrew’s Hospice via his company Postable Limited.

He travels the country frequently as one of Digital Tourism Scotland’s trainers. In doing so he helps the travel, hospitality and tourism businesses of the country improve their digital marketing output. And he has created over 2000 YouTube videos and written around 1000 blog posts for clients who recognise the importance of thumbstopping content.